Thinking of Starting your Own Business? Check out PubHub

We know of Portland as a vibrant city that has many of the wonderful attributes New Englanders know of from Boston. I say this because one of the most notable benefits I’ve experienced from Boston is it’s economic networking power – especially for entrepreneurs. Like in all places, however, if you know where to look, you’ll find value in hidden places previously unknown, and it is with that understanding that I am proud to bring up such a place in Portland, Maine.

Pubhub is one of those places you always wished you knew about but hadn’t though of looking for before. It is a place where, above all other things, open discussions take place with entrepreneurship at the helm. From my perspective it encourages the types of discourse that is extremely healthy to a group for which I’m a part, the Millennials (i.e Generation Y, or those born between 1980-2000). Our desires, strengths and motivations are important to discuss, especially when an idea is brewing our minds. Often times, however, this cannot be done in a corporate setting where thinking has become crystallized or rigid. For me, Pubhub provides the type of setting that is perfect for those within my generation who are interested in exploring new business ideas.

As their website says:

You’ll meet people from all kinds of companies – the next great startup, the growing small business, and Maine’s biggest firms. Connect with people who have launched a bunch of companies, or meet the newest entrepreneur on the block. You really never know who you’ll meet at PubHub – that’s part of what’s so great. Connect one on one and make some super helpful new friends.

We have food and libations, but most of all we have ideas. We’ll share ours if you share yours – bring a friend and join us at PubHub.

Each month, Pubhub hosts a speaker who is accomplished in a particular field. Their story is a tale of innovation. Listeners are able to discuss and inquire as to the experiences and insights that lead them to success. These discussions must be highly motivating to Millennials especially. The setting is comfortable, too; you don’t need to worry about someone trying to “sell you” on their idea. There is no mood for solicitation. The result is an environment where a speaker, with real-world business expertise, is able to share, in a genuine manner, how technology relates to their business development, growth, and entrepreneurship.

So if you get  a chance, check it out!


*I’d be glad to hear of anyone’s experience at a PubHub event. How did you enjoy it?

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