We Have Too Much Data to Store in the Cloud!

In 2014, the Portland Press Herald – in an article titled Maine broadband service ranks 49th out of 50 states –  wrote about the reasons for the limited broadband within Vacationland. This fact tends to support the hesitation of backing up one’s data to “the cloud”since limited bandwidth would make the movement of large data files cumbersome.

There is a way around this that makes cloud storage and backups feasible.

The concept is called “cloud seeding” and the process involves backing up one’s data onto a physical device that is then transferred to the cloud providers location and downloaded manually into their facility. Once this process is complete the organization must back up only the intermittent packages of data that occur from that point onward using the internet.

While it is important to assess one’s bandwidth speed for all types of data transfers (whether for back-ups or disaster recovery), the initial data storage process of seeding allows an organization to at focus solely on the intermittent, smaller packages.

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