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I strongly believe that cloud technology can transform organizations in Vacationland. I enjoy discussing technology and gaming. I believe that cloud technology will usher in a new era for video games online. Email me if you're interested or have questions on using cloud technology for your environment.

Baby Boomers and Digital Natives Communicate Differently – mostly because of Technology

I don’t have data to prove this but it seems typical that Post-World War II baby boomers look upon Generation Y (the generation born between early 1980s to 2000s) as a generation mired heavily in technology to the point of causing limitations in normal, face-to-face communication. Brooke Bailey’s article in The Maine Campus gives you…

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Want Better Security? Free Assessments of Your Business Environment Do Exist

The most basic definition of a cyber attack is an attack from one computer to another. The word cyber- comes from the original word cybernetics. Cybernetics is the study of communication and control systems in living things and machines. The category of cyberattacks we’re traditionally aware of is identity theft. I’d say the worst types…

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Thinking of Starting your Own Business? Check out PubHub

We know of Portland as a vibrant city that has many of the wonderful attributes New Englanders know of from Boston. I say this because one of the most notable benefits I’ve experienced from Boston is it’s economic networking power – especially for entrepreneurs. Like in all places, however, if you know where to look, you’ll find value in…

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In 2016, Could the Cloud Be UMS’s Greatest Technological Investment?

The trustees of the largest educational enterprise in Maine have been called upon to support multi-year investments to upgrade technology in classrooms. The University of Maine System is looking for support to spend around $45 million (over a three-year period) to upgrade the wireless infrastructure that has become outdated. I believe that because of 21st…

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How a Female Indiana Jones from Bangor Makes you Think of Big Data in the Cloud

I always enjoy reading about women in the technology sector who are doing great things for the industry. There is no better example of this than Sarah Parcak – a Maine native of Bangor- who uses 21st century technology to bring innovation to archaeology. According to the TED talk website, Sarah Parcak has been influential…

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Want Fiber-Optic Broadband? Check Your Options.

Over the weekend I read Ramona du Houx’s article, “Cover Maine With Broadband”, which highlights the importance high speed internet has with businesses. Houx pinpoints the parallel between high-speed broadband and economic growth, showing that, because of broadband, connectivity across vast distances is possible even for those organizations who are not within an urban setting…

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